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Aspheric Lenses

These eyeglass lenses are unlike typical lenses, which are spherical in shape. Aspheric lenses are made up of differing degrees of curvature over its surface, which allows the lens to be thinner and flatter than other lenses. This also creates an eyeglass lens with a much larger usable portion than the standard lens.

Aspheric lenses are typically designed to give a thinner lens, and also distort the viewer’s eyes less as seen by other people, producing better aesthetic appearance.

These lenses are ideal for patients who require a strong farsight correction.Instead of fat bulging highly magnifying lenses, they can wear slim flat and less magnifying eyeglasses.

Another benefit of aspheric optical lenses: In normal eyeglass wear as your eye moves its view away from the centre of the lens there is some image distortion. Whereas with an aspheric spectacle lens the distortions are substantially reduced.

These lenses are available to correct all types of vision and can be manufactured in both single and multifocal versions.The ideal frame for them is one which is not large.

For further advice about the best lens choice for your eye prescription and suitable eye wear frames always ask your optician’s advice.