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Polycarbonate and Trivex Lenses

Polycarbonate Lenses

These eyeglass lenses are impact-resistant and are a good choice for people who regularly participate in sporting activities, work in a job environment in which their eyeglasses may be easily scratched or broken, and for children who may easily drop and scratch their eyeglasses. Polycarbonate lenses also provide ultraviolet protection.

If you need one lens that will protect you from harmful ultraviolet radiations, is lightweight, thin and very resistant to different types of impacts, then a polycarbonate lens is what you have been looking for. The toughness and resistance to severe impacts of polycarbonate lenses are legendary; polycarbonate is so tough and resistant a material that it is also used to manufacture bulletproof windows, riot shields that are used by police as well as airplane windows.

Trivex Lenses

Made from a newer plastic with similar characteristics of polycarbonate lenses. It is lightweight, thin, and impact-resistant and may result in better vision correction than the polycarbonate lenses in some people.

Trivex was originally developed for the military, as visual armor. PPG Industries took the technology and adapted it for the optical industry. Trivex is a urethane-based pre-polymer. PPG named the material Trivex because of its three main performance properties. The three main properties are superior optics, ultra-lightweight, and extreme strength.